Home Remedies for Lice

The infestation of head lice is a very common occurrence, especially among children. Head lice are parasites that infest the scalp and hair of the human head, and they are spread when an infected person comes in close proximity with others. This is why the condition is quite common among schoolchildren, who often play very close to one another.

Finding an infestation of head lice in your own or your children’s hair can be frustrating and annoying as they can be uncomfortable and cause itching. In other articles we’ve focused on using tea tree oil to prevent lice and we’ll discuss that again briefly. We will also list some other popular home treatment options. While there are numerous home remedies for lice, some work better than others.


Home Remedies for Lice:

Essential oil treatments have been found to be quite effective when used in combination with a nit comb. Before using any essential oil, however, test the skin for allergic reaction by placing a small amount of the oil on the wrist or the back of the hand. Using tea tree oil to prevent lice has shown to be amongst the most effective essential oils, which is why this site is focused on information about it. However, there are quite a few other essential oils that can be used and the following are listed in order of effectiveness:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Neem oil
  • Clove oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Aniseed oil
  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Red thyme oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Nutmeg oil

To use any of these oils, mix fifteen to twenty drops of oil with two ounces of olive oil. Using cotton balls, apply this mixture to the scalp and hair and leave it in place overnight. A full twelve hours is recommended. You can also use four ounces of rubbing alcohol instead, and saturate the hair using a spray bottle. After twelve hours comb out the hair and repeat the process.

Other home remedies include coating the hair with almond or olive oil, or coating the comb with the oil, and combing out the hair in small sections. Rinse the comb out under hot water often. When finished combing wash the hair using the person’s normal shampoo. All the home remedies rely a great deal on the use of the comb, and may require several treatments.

Treating the Home Against Lice Infestations

Whatever treatment is used, it is also highly recommended to treat the home as well, especially the bedroom of any infected individuals. There are several popular general home remedies for lice prevention. Wash all bedding and washable toys, in very hot water, and dry on a high heat setting. Vacuum the floor and any fabric that can’t be washed, such as couches and chairs, and place non-washable loose items in plastic bags for at least four days, stored preferably in a warm area of the home. You can also again use tea tree oil to prevent further outbreaks by adding a few drops to each wash you do in your washing machine.


Measures for preventing lice infestations

There are some common-sense measures that can be taken to decrease the chances of an infestation, though nothing is foolproof. Caution your children not to share personal items such as combs and brushes, hairbands, headphones, clothing, towels, blankets and pillows, or anything that lice can easily travel on. Spraying their hair with tea tree oil for lice or with an alcohol mixture mentioned above is also believed by some to help prevent infestation. You can also see some fantastic tea tree product here.